Last day to order fruit from Farm Bureau

Today is the order deadline if you wish to buy citrus fruit from the Franklin County Farm Bureau this season.

Oranges, grapefruit and tangelos are available for $25 for four-fifths of a bushel or $15 for two-fifths of a bushel. Call the Farm Bureau office at (618) 435-3616 to order.

The bureau also has pecans for sale in the office – 1-pound bags of shelled pecan halves are $9. The Franklin County Farm Bureau office is located at 1210 Highway 14 West in Benton.


Today is reservation deadline for annual Farm Bureau meeting

Monday, Nov. 19 is the last day to make reservations for the Franklin County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting, to be held Monday, Nov. 26 at the Benton Civic Center.

The meeting will include a meal prepared by Martin’s Catering, a silent auction and entertainment by Nine Mile Creek. Registration begins at 5 p.m., with dinner being served at 6:15 p.m.

To make reservations, call the Farm Bureau office at (618) 435-3616.


Franklin County Farm Bureau news

By Larry J. Miller

Now that the dust has settled, we can see more clearly what the future will hold for taxpayers in the days ahead. Therefore, here is how I see the future and how it will affect farmers and taxpayers.

On the federal level, with the re-election of President Obama and to solve the financial crisis that both Democrats and Republicans have created, our taxes will be going up! And I am not saying just for the rich people but for everyone who makes money and files a tax return.

Government spending will not decrease but we will pay more to finance a bloated federal budget. This will cause the growth of the economy to decrease in the long term and reduce the income of the government because of lower employment caused by higher taxes. And we still do not know the total affect of the new health care program, which by the way; will cost the common man more taxes for premiums.

We still do not have a farm bill which leaves us wondering about issues that will affect us into the next crop year.

On the state level, we are basically in the same situation. Income taxes were increased by 66 percent, but the budget is still not balanced and there is no hope that it will change at all very soon, all the while jobs are leaving the state compounding the problem. Pension problems, which the state created by not making pension payments because of budget shortfalls, will be sent back to local taxing districts and the only recourse that local districts will have is to increase property tax. Guess who pays for that?

Locally, unemployment will increase because of increased environment regulations on coal emissions which will limit the expansion of coal mines.

In Franklin County, we have three functioning 911 services which cost us three times what it should. We will continue to employ nine school superintendents because we will not accept school consolidation.

Yes, all of the above looks very gloomy but we must hold our elected officials to a higher standard and demand change. They work for us!

You may want to put this prognostication in a place to remember and tell me if I was right or wrong in a few months.

This is just a reminder that our County Annual Meeting is on Monday, Nov. 26 at the Benton Civic Center. Registration begins at 5 and the meal will be served at 6:15. If you would like to make reservations please call our office by Monday, Nov. 19 at (618) 435-3616.

If you would like to order fruit this year you must order by Tuesday, Nov. 27th. You can order oranges, grapefruit and tangelos – 4/5 bushel – $25.00 & 2/5 bushel – $15.00.

We have pecans in our office now – one pound bags of shelled pecan halves for $9.00. We also have about 20 bags 12 oz bags of chocolate covered pecans halves in – $9.00 each. Call (618) 435-3616.

Remember we are farmers working together. If we can help let us know.

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