New Year’s resolutions for young adults in 2022 can draw on these key takeaways from 2021

The start of a new year means millions of Americans will begin to write down their goals and aspirations for the upcoming year.

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The mainstream media’s top 10 missteps in 2021

Throughout 2021, the mainstream media has been caught or forced to correct multiple stories that turned out to be misleading or not true.

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Toby Moore | ‘We cannot move forward if we are stuck in the past’

Another New Year is upon us. It’s amazing how the years keep slipping by, each year seemingly moving faster than the year before. As I take stock of 2021, I encourage you to do the same.

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Editorial: A look at 2021, a difficult, tumultuous year

This past year has felt far longer than most years. An insurrection at the Capitol, a pandemic with no end, Michael Madigan’s ignominious exit, and more. Here’s a look — through excerpts of editorials — at how the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board watched it unfold.

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R. Kelly’s long-overdue conviction should be a turning point

(CNN)I vaguely remember when I first heard a rumor about an alleged R. Kelly sex tape. I was in college and a casual fan of the singer, songwriter and producer. Within days, I heard that the other person on the tape was a teenage Black girl.

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Top US generals punch holes in Joe Biden’s defense of Afghanistan withdrawal

(CNN)Top American generals warned President Joe Biden that the Afghan military would collapse. Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said in essence on Tuesday that both former President Donald Trump and Biden had botched negotiations with the Taliban — and the net result of the US actions was a “logistical success but a strategic failure.”

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Afghanistan blame game testimony by our military leaders didn’t yield answers America needs

One of the things I miss most about being part of the military was the curt phrases that said everything you needed to know about almost anything. Among my favorites was when, after a long meeting, someone would snicker, “That was a Kabuki dance.”

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Everything we feared about Biden’s staggering Afghanistan debacle is true

Biden lied, they died.

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Positively Speaking | Toby Moore: Memories my father gave me

As Gary Moore’s son, I had a unique vantage point to get to know my father in a way that almost nobody else could. He was a fantastic father!

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Editorial: What do the Saudis have to hide regarding the 9/11 attacks?

Nearly 20 years after the most deadly foreign assault on U.S. soil, the American people still don’t have all the answers about whether the Saudi government assisted the mainly Saudi terrorists who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks.

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