Gary W. Moore: The importance of family traditions

Family traditions are meaningful to me. The older I get the more important it is to preserve these annual happenings in hope that they will be passed down through generations.

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Column: That thin line between order and chaos in Chicago and other towns

There is a thin line in big cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit and Los Angeles and small towns too.

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Michael Goodwin: UNC clash over NY Times writer shows us what’s at stake for journalism’s future

A dispute over whether a New York Times writer should get tenure at the University of North Carolina would seem to be of little national importance.

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Editorial: Census: 7th year of Illinois population loss and the worst yet

The Illinois population plummet is intensifying. Tuesday morning, new U.S. Census Bureau estimates reported a seventh straight year of losses — and this plunge is greater than the last six.

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As year of coronavirus nears its end, maintain hope and believe in triumph of human spirit

Coming to the end of 2020, many of us feel battered. Whether it’s politics, the coronavirus, the economy, or the lockdowns, there are ample reasons to be confused if not depressed.

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Column: Bernie Sanders haunts the Biden-Harris ticket

The Plexiglas at Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate made for some strange reflections. Squint hard enough, and you might even have seen the ghostly image of the evening’s third, silent participant: Bernie Sanders.

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Column: The threatening silence of Biden and Harris on packing the Supreme Court

When we watch politicians perform, most of us focus on the action, on what is said.

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Column: Gov. Pritzker and the ‘fair tax’ offer you can’t refuse

What do you call it when a powerful man threatens you and your family with an ultimatum, an offer you can’t refuse?

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Is Social Media a Helpful Tool or a Crutch?

What makes social media so addictive? Why do you have to go back and check a picture 50 times after you post? Why are you constantly checking your phone?

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Scott Allen Chess

Scott Allen Chess, 49 years old, passed peacefully in his sleep with his fur-baby Mattie at his side.

Scotty was known for his love of music and love of his daughter Sami, granddaughter Cecilia. Along with his mother whom he worshipped and loved endlessly. Scotty was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. He attended Kouts High School, was very active his high school band and he always had the love for music.

Scotty was a very talented musician, had a passion for music. He was self-taught guitarist, drummist, and pianist, and sang like a bird on the wing of a dove. Scotty was very well known for his love of his Rock and Roll band “Devil Dogs” which he started in 1989. Scotty also enjoyed fishing, boating on the Kankakee River, and spending time with his friends. When he walked into a room, he commanded it with lively personality and entertaining stories of his days when he spent endless hours of fun with his cousins and friends. One couldn’t help but be drawn in and expect nothing but laughter to follow.

He is survived by his daughter Samantha (Sami), granddaughter Cecilia (CC) whom he loved and worshipped beyond eternity. His Mother Sharon Witkowski, who was not only his best friend, but his “Hero in Life”. Along with his Aunt Sarah who was always his kindred spirit. Many Aunts and Uncles, and cousins by the dozens whom loved him.

Scotty was preceded in death by his younger brother Jeffery Witkowski, his step brother Vincent Witkowski (Grit), his father Richard A Chess, his step-dad David Witkowski. His Grandparents Charles and Maryetta Oestreich and his Uncle Mike Grcich whom taught him how to fish in the Kankakee River.

Gilberts Funeral Home in Christopher Ill. In charge of cremation arrangements. A Celebration of Life to be held at a later date at the Kankakee River. Along with celebration Bonfire at the Grcich Cabin in Winamac Ind. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to for Scotty Chess to Funeral Expenses, organized by Christina Cobb help offset final expenses.

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