SIJHSAA baseball/softball regional scores


DuQuion Class L Regional

Wed, Sep 20 at 3:30p
Game 1: DuQuion (9) over West Frankfort (6)
Wed, Sep 20 at 5:00p
Game 2: Hamilton County (5) over Benton (3)

Sat, Sep 23 at 10:00a
Regional Championship: Hamilton County vs DuQuion

Johnston City Class M Regional

Tue, Sep 19 at 2:00p
Game 1: Sesser-Vallier (9) over Johnston City (8)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:30p
Game 2: Christopher (12) over Zeigler-Royalton (4)

Thu, Sep 21 at 4:00p
Regional Championship: Sesser-Vallier vs Christopher

Elverado Class S Regional

Tue, Sep 19 at 4:30p
Game 1: Ewing (10) over OLMC (0)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:30p
Game 2: Desoto (13) over Thompsonville (0)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:30p
Game 3: Pinckeyville 204 (14) over Giant City (3)

Thu, Sep 21 at 3:00p
Game 4: Elverado vs Ewing
Thu, Sep 21 at 4:30p
Game 5: Desoto vs Pinckeyville 204

Mon, Sep 25 at 4:30p
Regional Championship: Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 5


Hamilton County Class L Regional

Wed, Sep 20 at 4:30p
Game 1: Benton (11) over DuQuoin (2)
Wed, Sep 20 at 6:30p
Game 2: Hamilton County (3) over West Frankfort (2)

Sat, Sep 23 at 10:00a
Regional Championship: Benton vs Hamilton County

Christopher Class M Regional

Tue, Sep 19 at 2:00p
Game 1: Christopher (9) over Zeigler-Royalton (1)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:00p
Game 2: Sesser-Valier (7) over Johnston City (3)

Thu, Sep 21 at 4:30p
Regional Championship: Christopher vs Sesser-Valier

Giant City Class S Regional

Sat, Sep 16 at 11:00a
Game 1: Galatia (3) over Pope County (1)

Tue, Sep 19 at 2:00p
Game 2: Giant City (12) over OLMC (0)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:00p
Game 3: Crab Orchard (14) over New Simpson Hill (9)
Tue, Sep 19 at 2:00p
Game 4: Unity Christian (12) over Galatia (2)
Tue, Sep 19 at 4:00p
Game 5: Carrier Mills (14) over Thompsonville (0)

Fri, Sep 22 at 4:30p
Game 6: Giant City vs Crab Orchard
Fri, Sep 22 at 4:00p
Game 7: Unity Christian vs Carrier Mills

Mon, Sep 25 at 4:30p
Regional Championship: Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 7

Benton and Sesser-Valier winners in Junior High baseball/softball action yesterday

The Sesser-Valier Red Devils Baseball defeats Zeigler-Royalton 20-0 in 3 innings to move to 10-2 overall and 8-2 in conference play. Pearson Launius becomes the 7th Devils pitcher to earn a victory this season joining Gavin Woodland, Dalton Williams, Eli Schoenbaechler, Tyler Hammond, Blake Menser, Wyatt Loucks.

The Benton Middle School boys and girls picked up wins against the Harrisburg Bulldogs yesterday with the boys winning 11-5, and the girls winning 13-0,

I will appreciate any scores from any of the fall sports junior high and high school, and especially when Junior High basketball gets rolling in about a month.  -Steve



Junior High baseball/softball scores from Monday and Tuesday

by Steve Dunford



SESSER-VALIER 16  Johnston City 2

WEST FRANKFORT  16  Carbondale 3

BENTON 9 DuQuoin 0


Goreville 6  ZEIGLER-ROYALTON 5  Skylar Hudson 2-3, Bella Bates and Lainey Morris 1-3 at the plate for Z-R

WEST FRANKFORT 17  Carbondale 7




Adams (Creal Springs)  14  THOMPSONVILLE 11




Please pass along any scores to me by calling 937-0253 or 513-1274.  You can also get ahold of me by emailing me at or messaging me on Facebook.  Any information that you pass along that would be more than three sentences, I will write a short story on your team.


Two pitchers fire a one hitter as S-V defeats Goreville in their season opener

Gavin Woodland and Dalton Williams combine for a one hitter, as Sesser-Valier picks up a 1-0 road victory at Goreville in Junior High Baseball action yesterday afternoon.

The Red Devils Junior High girls fall in their season opener as they fall to Goreville 14-5 at home.

Dozen take part in RLC baseball camp

Rend Lake College’s second baseball camp of the summer saw grades 6-8 working on the fundamentals hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing, base running, and mental aspects of the game. The camp was coached by RLC Head Baseball Coach Tyler O’Daniel, far left, volunteer Kaleb Miller, left and volunteer Jake Wylie, far right. Participants in alphabetical order were: Anderson Barker (Mt. Vernon), Colton Berk (Woodlawn), Erik Healy (Enfield), Will Meadows (DuQuoin), Braxton Ragan (McLeansboro), Nathan Ragland (Sesser), Gavin Rogers (DuQuoin), Jake Rogers (DuQuoin), Camden Storm (Bonnie), Drew Wheeler (Mt. Vernon), Robert White (Mt. Vernon) and Dalton Williams (Valier). Click on the image for a larger view.

HS Basketball scoreboard 12/6/16


A trio of Sophmores for the Tigers- PG Tyson Kessler (23) at the free throw line, and Reed Raubach (11) and Anthoney Darge (21) in the post

A trio of Sophmores for the Tigers- PG Tyson Kessler (23) at the free throw line, and Reed Raubach (11) and Anthoney Darge (21) in the post


Carrier Mills 58 THOMPSONVILLE 34
Gallatin County 53 Crab Orchard 48
Galatia 60 Pope County 31


Okawville 72 SESSER-VALIER 45
Eldorado 60 WEST FRANKFORT 48
Carmi-White County 76 NCOE 63


Fairfield 55 Johnston City 28


Joppa 93 Shawnee 49

Century 87  Egyptian 59

Meridian 81  Agape Christian 35


Wayne City 47  Cisne 40

Webber Township 83  Sandoval 40




Muphysboro 57  Herrin 39


Du Quoin 52

Pinckneyville 44

Non Conference

CHRISTOPHER  49  Gallatin County  24

Graves Co. KY  48  Massac County  15

New Athens 57  Trico  10


FCA Daily Devotion – Renewal

II Corinthians 4:16
When do you feel like your body is wasting away and your strength is drying up?  Maybe that’s at the end of practice, half-way through preseason or with one week to go in a long, difficult season.  How can we have our hearts renewed and find the strength to press through such feelings?  Today’s scripture gives us such encouragement.
In the second letter to the church at Corinth at chapter 4 and verse 16 we read, “Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”  Paul was aware of his friends’ perilous times and the physical toll it was taking on them.  He identified with their plight.
It’s the nature of competition and long seasons to wear down our bodies.  We can identify with these people and the outward wasting away of their bodies.  The wisest among us also know how to be inwardly strengthened, day by day in our hearts.
Here’s the challenge for us.  Can we trust our hearts to lead us to do the right thing, even when our bodies are crying out for us to quit?  Can we continue to find new strength through renewed hearts and press through the hard times?
As you prepare to compete today, trust your heart to the one who gives strength without measure.  Ask Him to fill your heart with courage and to enable you to compete strongly.  You will be amazed at how your mind and your body will respond to your heart’s lead.
Bible Reading Plan:
Song of Solomon 4:8-16
Jeremiah 52

FCA Daily Devotion – Character Tests

I Peter 1:6
What do you find to be a trial while competing in your sport?  What parts of your character are tried in that process?  Does it test your will, your body, your attitudes, your emotions, maybe all the above?  How deeply are you affected by those trials?
In Peter’s first letter to his friends in what is now Turkey, at chapter 1 and verse 6 we read, “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials.”
While we all find great enjoyment and fulfillment through playing the game, while many of us seemingly live for competition, the trying parts of the process often wear us down.  The grief that comes with sore muscles, painful joints, disappointing losses and strained relationships are all trials for all of us.
We greatly rejoice in the best parts of our game, but we also, for a little while, may have to undergo plenty of grief through the more difficult parts of competition, practice, travel and study.
As you approach this day’s competition, focus your mind on your favorite part of this game.  Put the grief and the trying parts of it behind you.  Keep clearly in view your team’s goals and press on toward a great finish and a tremendous victory.
Bible Reading Plan:
Ecclesiastes 11
Jeremiah 39-43
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