Major water line break in the City of Benton

by Steve Dunford

There has been a major water line break in the city of Benton, along West Church Street.  Pictures on social media show that part of the street is flooded.  It has been reported that residents in the area of the break are without water, and the Benton Street Department has issued a boil water order until further notice in the area of the break.

At this time the street is closed.  I will pass along further updates as I get them.

Here is a 6:45 p.m. update from KFVS-TV

This is from the City of Benton’s Facebook page

UPDATE: A boil water order is now in effect for all water customers from DuQuoin Street to South Main and from Washington Street to Hudelson. This order will likely be necessary until Tuesday. As a precaution, the order also remains in effect for anyone who has experienced a reduction in their water pressure. Water department crews are currently on scene and drivers should be aware that the intersection of Church and Pope is currently closed. We’ll keep updates coming on the repair progress of the water line and a lift of the order.


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