Week 6 High School Football Schedule

Black Diamond

Eldorado (4-1) at Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-5)

Chester (3-2) at Sesser-Valier-Waltonville Woodlawn (5-0)*

Edwards County (2-3) at Fairfield (5-0)*

Johnsotn City (1-4) at Carmi-White County (2-3)

Hamilton County (0-5) at Vienna-Goreville (3-2)  Saturday 1:00 p.m.

Southern Illinois River to River Ohio

Harrisburg (3-2)(1-1) at Benton (3-2)(1-1)

West Frankfort (3-2)(1-1)  at Murphysboro (1-4)(1-1)

Herrin (4-1)(2-0)  at Massac County (0-5)(0-2)

Southern Illinois River to River Mississippi

Anna-Jonesboro (5-0)(2-0) at Pinckneyville (0-5)(0-2)

Nashville (2-3)(1-1) at Carterville (3-2)(1-1)

DuQuoin (4-1)(1-1) at Sparta (1-4)(1-1)

South Seven

Belleville Altoff (4-1)(1-1) at Marion (3-2)(2-0)

Cahokia (2-3)(1-1) at Centralia (4-1)(2-0)

Carbondale (1-4)(0-2) at Mt. Vernon (0-5)(0-2)

One-sided rivalry: S-V-W-W Red Devils pound CZR Bearcats


SESSER, IL – (Richard Blakely – Benton News.  Please click on the link for the full story.  Here is an excerpt below.)

There have been some heavyweight battles between Franklin County rivals, Christopher and Sesser-Valier, in years past. Friday’s game wasn’t one of them.

Payton Rock finished the game with 152 yards rushing on five carries and scored twice. As a team, the Red Devils amassed 336 yards on 37 carries. Smith and Basso also combined for 138 yards passing with three touchdowns, all going to Kiselewski.

The Bearcats totaled negative rushing yards. However, quarterback Bryce Pratt was 14-31 passing for 198 yards and one interception.

Week Five HS football scoreboard

Black Diamond

Sesser-Valier-Waltonville-Woodlawn 66 (5-0)  Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton 0 (0-5) the Red Devils clinch a playoff berth with the win

Eldorado 30 (4-1) Hamilton County 0 (0-5)

Fairfield 18 (5-0)  Carmi-White County 0 (2-3) The Mules clinch a playoff spot with the win

Chester 47 (3-2)  Johnston City 29 (1-4)

Edwards County at Vienna-Goreville 1:00 p.m. Sat.

Southern Illinois River to River – Ohio

Harrisburg 34 (3-2)(1-1)  Massac County 14 (0-4)(0-2)

Herrin 42 (4-1)(2-0)  Murphysboro 6 (1-4)(1-1)

Benton (2-2)(0-1) at West Frankfort (3-1)(1-0) 12:00 p.m. Saturday

Southern Illinois River to River -Mississippi

Anna Jonesboro 41 (5-0)(2-0)  Carterville 7 (3-2)(1-1)

DuQuoin 57 (4-1)(1-1)  Pinckneyville 7 (0-2)(0-5)

Nashville 35 (1-1)(2-3) Sparta 14 (1-4)(1-1)

South Seven

Centralia 21 (4-1)(2-0) Belleville Altoff 14 (4-1)(1-1) Upset

Cahokia 56 (2-3)(1-1)  Carbondale 22 (1-4) (0-2)

Marion 56 (2-0)(3-2)  Mt. Vernon 12 (0-5)(0-2)





Week Five Football Schedule

Black Diamond

Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-4) at Sesser-Valier-Waltonville (4-0)

Carmi- White County (2-2) at Fairfield (4-0)

Chester (2-2) at Johnston City (1-3)

Eldorado (3-1) at Hamilton County (0-4)

Edwards County (2-2) at Vienna-Goreville (2-2) 1:00 PM Saturday

Southern Illinois River to River – Ohio

Harrisburg (2-2) at Massac County (0-4) (0-1)

Murphysboro (1-3)(1-0) at Herrin (3-1)(1-0)

Benton (2-2)(0-1) at West Frankfort (3-1)(1-0)  12:00 p.m Saturday

Southern Illinois River to River – Mississippi

Carterville (3-1)(1-0) at Anna Jonesboro (4-0)(1-0)

Pinckneyville (0-4)(0-1) at DuQuoin (3-1)(0-1)

Nashville (1-3)(0-1) at Sparta (1-3)(1-0)

South Seven

Centralia (3-1)(1-0) at Belleville Altoff (4-0)(1-0)

Cahokia (1-3)(0-1) at Carbondale (1-3)(0-1)

Marion (1-0)(2-2) at Mt. Vernon (0-4)(0-1)

The Battle of 148: C-Z-R (0-4) travels to S-V-W-W (4-0)

by Steve Dunford

The C-Z-R Bearcats and the Edwards County Lions lining up for the coin flip before last Friday’s game at Albion. (Thank you very much to Randall Risley for letting me use the pictures.)

This game has been called the Hyphen Bowl, the Alphabet Soup Bowl or all kids of other things in the past.  However, Johnston City-Crab Orchard-Thompsonville takes the cake for the longest co-op name in BDC history.  That co-op abruptly ended when the Indians were pushed up two classes from 2A to 4A, and came close to upsetting the Mt. Carmel Golden Aces in the playoffs.

It might have been from a column, talk show, or even a social media post but several years ago before they played someone called it the Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton-Mulkeytown-Buckner-Coello-Cleburne Bearcats vs the Sesser-Valier-Waltonville-Woodlawn-Nason-Scheller-Boyd-Cravat Red Devils.

The Bearcats went on the road last week and fell to the Edwards County Lions 42-6.  The Devils went down to Johnston City and came out of Willamson County.

Tonight the Bearcats and the Red Devils will be playing for the traveling road sign of State Route 148 that goes to the winner each year.  A win by the Devils means a playoff birth will be clenched.  With the Black Diamond being a closed conference, a 5-4 record with a guaranteed 45 playoff points is a near lock to play on week 10 each season.

I spoke with Bearcat Coach Anthony Hargrove on the phone yesterday morning.  When he was talking about the Bearcats this year, he said, “Our Goal is to Excel on Monday, (The Bearcat JV squad is 2-2 and their two losses has been by two points each) our goal this year is increasing or Football IQ.  We are in great game shape. If you look at our game film, the other team is huffing and puffing on the sidelines.”

Coach Hargrove said we just need to come out and play with confidence on Friday night like on a Monday and play with a good flow of the game. I mentioned that sophomore QB Bryce Pratt has been throwing in triple digits every game in the box score.  He said he threw for over 200 yds. in the loss to Edwards County.  He said the JV team which is basically the same at the skill positions that play on Friday night, have a high powered offense.

I watched a lot of Bearcat football last year.  The only game they did not have a game running clock was in Week 9 against Vienna-Goreville.  They have not had a game this year that has not been.  Coach Hargrove knows where this team is.  He has a good staff in Josh McCurren, Scotty Clark, and I even saw in a picture, the veteran of 50+ years of coaching Buddy Velasco is on the sidelines again.

Sesser-Valier-Waltonville-Woodlawn Coach John Shadowens had this to say about coach Hargrove, “We respect Coach Hargrove and his program. His is loyal, enthusiastic, and sticks up for his guys. I like that.”

Devil fans are treated this year to a very special group.  I can see them running the table up to week nine.  With FB Peyton Rock, and with the Gunter brothers Lucas, and Eli, at running back, and their cousin Joshua as a receiver, and a QB in Clayton Smith who took snaps as a freshman, this is an explosive offense big time.  I see them running the table in the BDC until a week nine showdown with Fairfield at the Train Yard.

There is a 99% chance that S-V-W-W will come out with the victory tonight.  If the Bearcats come out with a good showing tonight, it will be a big confidence booster for this team.  I have them circled to pick up the win when they play Hamilton County.

You hear the term culture change a lot in sports.  The kids are usually playing hard, they just need to pick up a win.

I have been living in West Frankfort  for two years now.  Sometimes a win is good for the program’s future.  Last year when they picked up a win against perennial powerhouse Harrisburg, it changed the culture of the whole program.  Yes a lot of kids graduated, but a young football team at the skill positions is 3-1 and went on the road and picked up a nice road win at Harrisburg last Friday night.  The Redbrids were winless in 2015, and 1-8 in 2014.

Your goals are different when a program is rebuilding.  In Coach Shadowens’ second tour of duty with the Devils, is has been slow progression, 4-5 then 5-4 last year.  Yes it was ugly at the pit in Mt. Carmel in the playoff’s last year, but the most important part, they were playing on week 10.

That loss at Mt. Carmel helped them this year.  Around 9:00 pm tonight, the Devils will be 5-0.  In the worse case scenario, I see them ending up 7-2, and going deep in the class 3A playoffs.

The Bearcats day will come, possibly next year or even two years down the road.  They will most likely be 2A and will make some noise i



Week 4 High School Football Scoreboard

Southern Illinois River to River Ohio Division

West Frankfort 37 (3-1)(1-0)  Harrisburg 21 (2-2)(1-0)

Herrin 52 (3-1)(1-0)  Benton 22 (2-2)(0-1)

Murphysboro 42 (1-3)(1-0)  Massac County 20 (0-4)(0-1)

Black Diamond

Sesser-Valier-Waltonville-Woodlawn 46 (4-0)  Johnston City 8 (1-3)

Edwards County 42 (2-2)  Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton 6 (0-4)

Eldorado 38 (3-1)  Carmi-White County 14 (2-2)

Chester 43 (2-2)  Vienna Goreville 13 (2-2)

Fairfield 40 (4-0)  Hamilton County 0 (0-4)

Southern Illinois River to River Mississippi Division

Carterville 20 (3-1)(1-0)  DuQuoin (3-1)(0-1)

Anna Jonesboro 71 (4-0)(1-0) Nashville 41 (1-3)(0-1)

Sparta 28 (1-3)(1-0)  Pinckneyville 7 (0-4)(0-1)

South Seven

Centralia 42 (3-1)(1-0)  Carbondale 21 (1-3)(0-4)

Belleville Altoff  55 (4-0)(1-0)  Mt. Vernon 6 (0-4)(0-1)

Marion at Cahokia 2pm Saturday

WEEK 4 PREVIEW: Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-3) at Edwards County (1-2)

by Steve Dunford

The Bearcats in action in Week 2 against Carmi White County

The C-Z-R Bearcats go on the road to face the Edwards County Lions.  The Bearcats fell at Fairfield last Friday night 60-0.  The Lions lost at Carmi-White County 52-21 last Friday night.  Here is a link to the story from that game from the Albion-Navagator Journal


The Bearcats had a big win earlier in the week at the JV level over Fairfield to improve to 2-1 on the season.  The only loss the Bearcats were in the red zone and the first game of the seasons was called 8-6,

From reading the article from the Albion paper, as well as being home on week two listening to the game with S-V-W-W, the Lions seem to have trouble holding onto the football.

The first three weeks, the Bearcats had to play the cream of the crop in the BDC. Vienna-Goreville has surprised some teams this year.  The Lions, by far is their weakest opponent.

Bryce Pratt was in triple digits passing the ball over the last two weeks.  The momentum could carry over from the JV’s big win Monday night.

I am going with Edwards County by seven tonight.  I would not be one bit surprised to hear a score throughout the night that Harrisburg would pull the victory.

High school football schedule for tonight

Black Diamond

Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-3) at Edwards County (1-2)

Sesser-Valier-Waltonville-Woodlawn (3-0) at Johnston City (1-2)

Carmi-White County (2-1) at Eldorado (2-1)

Vienna-Goreville (2-1) at Chester (1-2)

Fairfield (3-0) at Hamilton County (0-3)

Southern Illinois River-to-River Ohio Division

Benton (2-1) at Herrin (2-1)

West Frankfort (2-1) at Harrisburg (2-1)

Massac County (0-3) at Murphysboro (0-3)

Southern Illinois River-to-River Mississippi Division

DuQuoin (3-0) at Carterville (2-1)

Anna-Jonesboro (3-0) at Nashville (1-2)

Sparta (0-3) at Pinckneyville (0-3)

South Seven

Belleville Altoff (3-0) at Mt. Vernon (0-3)

Marion (1-2) at Cahokia (1-2)

Carbondale (1-2) at Centralia (2-1)


Bearcats blanked at Fairfield


FAIRFIELD, IL – (Randall Risley, Benton News.  Please click on the link above for the full story.  Here is an excerpt below.)

The Fairfield Mules are indeed as good as advertised. They are big, strong, experienced and talented and had no problem putting the hurt to a young Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton Bearcats team Friday by a score of 60-0 in Black Diamond Conference play.

C-Z-R’s primary offensive focus was its passing game and it yielded some good results. Sophomore signal caller Bryce Pratt was 16-of-34 passing for 159 yards and freshman Landen Bate was 1-of-2. The passes were spread out to six different receivers with sophomore, Greg Fletcher, leading the receiving corps with 90 yards on nine receptions.

The Bearcats’ passing attack shows great promise, Hargrove said. The results would have even been better, but there were some dropped passes that negated some significant gains and one scoring opportunity.


Week 3 Preview: Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-2) at Fairfield (2-0)

by Steve Dunford

Christopher WR Noah Hervey finds some yardage after making a catch against Carmi-White County in Week 2. (Thank you Randall Risley for letting me use your photos.)

The C-Z-R Bearcats hit the road this evening and take on the Fairfield Mules this evening to take on the Fairfield Mules at the Train Yard.  Christopher fell to Vienna Goreville 41-6 in Week One, and last Friday night were shut out by the Carmi-White County Bulldogs 40-0.

Fairfield on the other hand handled two teams that are usually in the thick of things in the Black Diamond Conference.  In week one, they went into Ralph Davidson field and beat the Johnston City Indians 48-0.  In week two, they make the long bus trip to Chester and defeat them 56-22.

Long time Fairfield coach Justin Townsend had this to say about the 2017 edition of the Mules,  “We are a run heavy team, that features 5-6 different running backs splitting the carries. Theron Stewart, Dylan Heifner, and Wyatt Gilbert have had over 100 yards rushing in a game this season. We also feature 2 big, physical, TE’s that can catch the football. Kobi Dagg and Jayden Lewis. Alec Pruitt is our QB and has shown the ability to throw this season. (3 passing TD’S) we start five seniors on the offensive line with a lot of experience.

Our defense is our strength. Return 8 of 11 starters. (5 were all conference last year) Lead by our 2 Senior LB’s Chip Simpson and Lance Jolly.”

After the first two weeks of the season, Fairfield, and who will win the big showdown in Sesser tonight between S-V-W-W and Eldorado, will determine who will be the front runners for the Black Diamond Conference crown.

With all the returning starters for Fairfield, they Bearcats were outmanned by them last year 61-6 at Christopher.  It was one of the greatest things that I ever witnessed at a HS sporting event, as no one left, Christopher was driving late in the forth quarter, and the way the crowd reacted you would have thought they were down 21-14.

The Bearcats are young, and a lot of good things are happening at the lower levels.  They will take a lot of licks this year, but will be very competitive in the future.  I still look for them to possibly pull an upset before the year is over.  Anything can happen after the ball is kicked off, but I just don’t see it happening tonight.


Here is a link to pay to watch the game from NewsChannel 15 in Mt. Carmel http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/affiliates/wabash-valley-college

Here is the link to listen to the game streaming from WFIW in Fairfield





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