Steve’s Ramblings: In defense of Murphysboro High School

by Steve Dunford

MURPHYSBORO, IL – Those who know me well, know that I feel strongly about the National Anthem situation in the NFL.  I have watched my last game until things change.  This is coming from someone the world would stop on 16 Sunday afternoons per year.

I did not realize the Red Devils did not come out for the Anthem until after the game was over.

There is a strong possibility it was played by the band early.  It caught Rick Westemeyer by surprise.  If you noticed there was not a starting lineup either.

Murphysboro AD Len Novora, had everything drawn out to a T.  One thing that was going on WINI was having trouble getting the broadcast on the air.  There were school officials that were checking into it, as they rely totally on internet streaming for their broadcast.

I think with them not taking the field tonight was a logistics issue, instead of a protest.

After Coach Gary Carter met with his team tonight, the entire Murphysboro coaching staff knelt and repeated the Lord’s Prayer together in unison.  Afterwards, on of the assistants thanked God for a hard fought game and no one was hurt.

After I asked Coach Carter a couple questions, I was able to talk to him about the staff praying.  He told me there was ridicule, but they will keep doing it.  I told him the Lord will protect them, and keep doing it.  It is something that we need more in our society than less of it.

From the conversations and the posts from West Frankfort fans on Social Media, I totally understand what it appeared like tonight.  If I felt it was a protest, I would be the first one to be upset.  This is not a scolding, I just don’t think things were as they appeared.

I got home at midnight.  I could not wait to get home to put together the story of one of the most bizarre high school football games that I ever witnessed, and I have been to a lot of them over the years.  It might just have to wait until morning.   I forgot to set my DVR for Sports Extra, and I will be digging scores up on Twitter.

I just hope this cleared some things up.  Please share this.





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