Zeigler City Attorney Releases Statement Concerning FBI Presence at City Hall, Treasurer’s House


The FBI removing items from the home of Zeigler Treasurer, Ryan Thorpe. (William McPherson, WF Gazette photo)

ZEIGLER, IL – (William McPherson, West Frankfort Gazette.  Please click on the link above fore the full story.  Here is an excerpt below.)

Zeigler City Attorney Rebecca Whittington has released a statement regarding today’s FBI presence at Zeigler City Hall and at the home of City Treasurer, Ryan Thorpe.

In the statement, the City Attorney said that Thorpe has been placed on administrative leave as of this morning. Around a dozen FBI agents were seen earlier today at Thorpe’s home where they seized several vehicles and other items, including several firearms.

Whittington confirmed that FBI agents executed a search warrant at City Hall in Zeigler, and said that, “City officials are fully cooperating with the investigation…” but will have no further comment on the investigation at this time or in regards to any personnel matters.

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