Steve’s Ramblings: The most important piece I have written


By Steve Dunford 

I about went home to be with the Lord tonight or I would have been seriously injured.  If I would have been killed, I know where my soul would spend eternity. It was a result of someone being on their cell phone.

I had my best day physically in a long time.  I had a minor bump in the road around 4:30 p.m.  I prayed Lord I want to be at Max Morris Gym tonight.  I want to be there bad.  The Lord granted my request.

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I was walking to Max Morris gym feeling great.  I might be weird but it creeps me out to walk by the DQ at night, sine it has been closed.

I was singing Christmas songs walking down there.  I get to Madison street.  There was an older Mercury with one headlight, that had to cross the highway without paying attention, doing about 40.

I could have opened the passenger side door it was so close.  I had to jump back to avoid my feet from getting crushed.

What came out of my mouth after that, I had to ask for repentance.  I received a coaster form Jodi Croslin (the teachers at FIS would understand) it was more than “a little.”

God reminded me of something.  I made a way for you to go cover the game tonight.  His word is true.  He is faithful.  He keeps his promises.

One thing that I will not be accused of in life is being an introvert.  No mater where I am at, I visit during the JV game.

Before the National Anthem, there was a moment of remembrance for Redbird Greg Smith, who was tragically killed in the University of Evansville basketball team plane crash in 1977.

I looked around, and half of the crowd knew me.  I began to think, what if Jim Johnson at the end of the game announced that I was tragically killed? What if Adam Rosoho announced at Christopher after a nice Sesser-Valier win that something would have happened to me?

Word spreads at a rapid pace on social media.  I could not help to think, what if my son was at the Christopher/S-V game tonight and heard it in the stands.

I also thought of someone that is very close to me.

This was a wake-up call.  I have been in a terrible funk over the last couple of weeks.  It was God’s way of showing me how many friends I have and there are a lot of people in this world who love me.

One of the things that got me, there was someone that I needed to make amends with at the game tonight.  That will happen soon.

Tonight I was so close to the vehicle to tell the individual was on Facebook Messenger. This is the fourth close call I’ve had walking.  Each time the person was texting or posting on social media.

I beg you please do not text and drive.  There is not one issue in your life that you can not pull over and have your conversation.

I did not about post this.  I felt there were too many I’s in it.

I hope the driver had a wakeup call as well.  For those who read this, I hope this made you think.

The book of James says like is like a vapor and it vanishes away.  This taught me, and I hope it makes you to consider live everyday to the fullest, to bring honor and glory to God.








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