Ashmore elected mayor in Sesser

By Jim Muir

Jason Ashmore, in his first run for public office, defeated longtime Sesser Mayor Ned Mitchell, garnering 61 percent of the vote.

Newly-elected Sesser mayor Jason Ashmore

Newly-elected Sesser mayor Jason Ashmore

Ashmore won by a margin of 713 to 448 with a turnout of nearly 80 percent.

Before commenting on the resounding victory Ashmore, 36, complimented Mitchell, who has served as Sesser’s top-elected official since 1979.

“First, I want to thank Mayor Mitchell for all his years of service to the city,” Ashmore said.

The newly-elected mayor then turned his attention to the voters who turned out in record numbers to vote for him.

“I want to thank the voters of Sesser who turned out to vote and placed their confidence in me,” Ashmore said. “I promise them that I will not let them down.”

Mitchell, 65, has served as Sesser’s mayor for all or parts of five decades, congratulated Ashmore and promised a smooth transition.  Mitchell said the high voter turnout shows that the residents of Sesser wanted change.

“An elected official serves at the will of the people, and I must have said 300 times during the weeks leading up to the election that if voters were not happy with the direction the city was going they could fire me … and that’s how they voted,” Mitchell said. “I am not bitter about losing, Sesser is a great community and I think we accomplished much during the past 35 years. I wish Mayor Ashmore well, he has a good council, a veteran council, to work with and to help him while he learns the ropes.”

Ashmore, an employee of IDOT, will be sworn in at the May 2 city council meeting.

“I am excited and I can’t wait to get started working for the people of Sesser,” Ashmore said.

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