Zeigler City Council takes care of routine business

A very short meeting of the Zeigler City Council meeting was held Tuesday.
According to city officials, an executive session was held, but no action was taken. Routine bills were paid, and routine business conducted. No action was taken on the sale of land that is rumored to be purchased for a Dollar General Store in that community.

Zeigler council holds brief meeting

With little business to act on, a brief meeting of the Zeigler City Council was held Tuesday night.

The council unanimously authorized payment of bills of $25,206.18. Included in this total was November’s bill of $4,694.20 for West Franklin County Central Dispatch. This is the city portion for the month as a participant. “This bill could go down in January as some debts have been paid,” Mayor Dennis Mitchell.

An agenda item addressing employee salary was tabled. There was a question of a letter of de-certification of the labor union representing workers.

Zeigler Police Chief Tim Scuras reported that the Police and Fire Departments were now narrow band compliant to new FCC regulations. However, Scuras said he will work with city’s street and water departments to make sure that they also meet the mandate dealing with radios by year’s end.

— Bruce A. Fasol

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