2013 W.F. City Lake stickers on sale now


Car stickers to access the West Frankfort City Lake in 2013 are on sale now at city hall.

The stickers, which cost $30, allow access to the lake and its property for boating, hunting and fishing. A second sticker for a family’s second car can be bought for an additional $5.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting. Commissioner Ed Blades pointed out that since the 2012 stickers expire at the end of the year, and the city planned to put new stickers on sale in the New Year, there could be a period of time when people had not obtained a new sticker and would be “illegal” using the lake property.

Blades suggested a 30-day grace period when stickers would not be enforced at the beginning of the year. The council instructed Police Chief Jeff Tharp to allow that, but also decided to put the stickers on sale immediately.

Benton, West Frankfort, Illinois News | Franklin County News