EMA Director says Franklin County showing sharp increase in COVID-19 cases

Statement from Franklin County EMA Director Ryan Buckingham:

(BENTON-ILLINOIS) In just a short amount of time the number of laboratory confirmed positive COVID-19 cases have risen significantly in Franklin County. I want to encourage everyone to continue to protect yourself and your family by following the recommendations of the CDC and local public health officials. Personal protection is an individual responsibility, however everyone plays a key role in protecting our communities and reducing the risk of community spread. It is up to you to protect yourself and those around you. Please utilize the common recommended practices that will help us reduce the risk to those that are most vulnerable; our elders and persons with existing health conditions.

In partnership with the Franklin Williamson Bi-County Health Department, Williamson County Emergency Management Agency and State of Illinois Emergency Operations Center in Springfield, officials from my office have distributed thousands of items of personal protective equipment and supplies to first responders, healthcare providers and other critical services. We will continue to support the response to this pandemic until the threat of this disease has significantly diminished. Additionally, in conjunction with local public health officials, we will continue to distribute accurate and timely public information as needed.

I again highly encourage all citizens to continue to follow the CDC and public health guidelines to reduce your risk and slow the community spread of COVID-19. If you would like more information on Franklin County’s response to COVID-19 including updated recommendations for protection please visit www.franklincountyil.gov/EOC

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