Week 8 Southern Illinois River to River- Ohio schedule and playoff outlook

by Steve Dunford

Week 8 Schedule

Benton (5-2)(3-1) at Murphysboro (1-6)(1-3)

Massac County (0-7)(0-4) at West Frankfort (4-3)(2-2)

Harrisburg (4-3)(2-2) at Herrin (6-1)(4-0)

Playoff Outlook


Herrin (6-1)  – The Tigers have cruised through the SIRR-Ohio field and have not been tested.  They should beat the Harrisburg Bulldogs tomorrow night.  It is senior night at the Graveyard II.  The Tigers will go to Breese Central on Week 9.  The Cougars has snuck up on the Tigers in the past.  Benton, West Frankfort and Harrisburg will turn into big Tiger fans, hoping for another playoff point.

On The Bubble

Benton (5-2)  –  The Rangers might have the best record of the three but they could be the most vulnerable.  The Murphy game is a must win, however I think the Rangers will be favorites. They have 28 playoff points right now.  It will be an uphill battle going to A-J on Week 9.  If they happen to get upset tomorrow night, they will be big Harrisburg Bulldog, West Frankfort, and praying that Murphysboro could turn into spoilers against the DuQuoin Indians.  A win tomorrow night and Benton will breathe easier.  Benton is 4A by eight students.  There is an outside chance they could be bumped down to 3A.

West Frankfort (4-3) –  Of the three on the bubble, West Frankfort has the easiest schedule.  They will take care of Massac County on Senior Night, and they travel to Nashville on Week 9 as the favorites.  The Redbirds in the playoff conversation again this year is great for the program, basically in a rebuilding year.

Harrisburg (4-3) –  It would be one of the upsets of the year if they beat Herrin tomorrow night.  They should beat Carbondale in Week 9.   Their tough schedule should help them pick up a lot of playoff points in week 9, so they should get in at 5-4.  If Fairfield, S-V-W-W or Anna Jonesboro go undefeated, they would be likely first round opponents, however the state is sliced up.  The Bulldogs are listed as 3A, but there is a chance they could be bumped up to 4A.



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