Week 6 Preview: Eldorado (4-1) vs Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton (0-5)

by Steve Dunford

CZR signal caller Bryce Pratt earlier in the year against Carmi-White County. (Thank you Randall Risley)

The Eldorado Eagles will be facing the C-Z-R Bearcats this evening at Spann Field.  The Eagles are in contention tonight to clinch another playoff berth, which they have several consecutive playoff appearances.

I spoke with long time Eldorado assistant and first year head coach Joe Clark yesterday.  He told me coming into tonight’s game the Eagles are a little banged up but do not have anyone out over nagging injuries.

We began to talk about the Bearcat program, he gave me some interesting insights.  He began to talk about the tough times the program went through in Saline County in Brandon Hampton’s first few years.  He said one year things would click.

He also compared it to the SVWW program as well, and coach John Shadowen’s second tour of duty.  He said it takes baby steps.  He said in year two they made the playoffs, and now they are sitting tied for the conference lead at 5-0.

He sees Anthony Hargorve making similar strides with the Bearcats.

Clark then talked about Bearcat QB Bryce Pratt.  “He said, I don’t know if he would be our QB but he would definitely be somewhere in the backfield for us.  One day the yards he has been passing for will add up into some TD’s.  That night might be tonight, and we have to be ready for it.

He went on to talk about the BDC race and how week eight and nine will be something to watch and see, as Fairfield will have them and SVWW back to back.

If C-Z-R would win tonight, it would probably be the upset of the decade. or maybe in the history of the program.   There have been some ugly comments on social media about the program in general.  I was in a conversation with someone over the summer.  I said a 2-7 record would be very optimistic.  This is going to take time.

I am going to make a bold prediction.  In 2019 the Bearcats will be playing in Week 10 in the 2A playoffs.  Fill the stands up at Spann Field with orange and blue tonight, and enjoy the homecoming festivities.



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