How Laughter Benefits Us Spiritually

A good belly laugh goes a long way toward making most of us feel better, but is there a spiritual benefit to it?

(Alikay Wood, Guideposts Magazine.  Please click on the link above for the full article.  Here is an excerpt below.)

It was 45 minutes to my cousin’s wedding reception in Nashville, Tennessee, and my mom was driving. I had my cousin’s vanilla-frosted, two-tier wedding cake on my lap. My mom made a sharp left turn, and the box went flying. The cake was smashed against the dashboard. Frosting was smeared all over the inside of the rental car.

I glared at my mom, ready to let her have it. Then burst out laughing. Not just a few giggles. More like gut-busting laughter. Pretty soon, my mom was laughing too. Tears streamed down our cheeks; we couldn’t have stopped if we tried.

We made it to the reception and even managed to make the cake look somewhat presentable. Weeks later, though, I was still scratching my head over the incident. Why on earth had I laughed? The moment had been freeing, cathartic. Almost spiritual. As if the laughter was coming from deep within my soul. Could it be that my laughter wasn’t just a senseless reaction to a potential disaster? But, rather, some sort of gift from God

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