‘The only way to get over it … is to go through it.’

by Jim Muir

jimmerMost people have been faced with situations in life – death of a loved one, painful break-up, loss of employment, the list is endless – where you would just like to sleep for a year and skip the pain involved. While sticking your head in the sand sounds good, in reality that’s not how life works.

Many years ago I had a wise man tell me the exact words in today’s quote. He said: “Everybody faces situations where we’d like to go under it, around it, sidestep it, ignore it or just plain avoid it … but the only way to get over it … is to go through it.’ Of course, he was right.

But, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that there should be a second sentence added to this quote that says: ‘And as you go through it … let go and let God.’

Today’s offering reminds me of another quote that I love. It says: ‘The greater your storm … the brighter your rainbow.’ I recently read a story that pointed out that a rainbow is a promise to everybody who sees it – it’s a promise of sunshine after rain, calm after storms, joy after sadness, peace after pain, love after loss, morning after night and a bright beginning after a painful ending. Be sure to note how many times the word ‘after’ is used in the previous sentence. After … you go through it!

We’re all going to battle life’s storms but the key thing to remember when we’re trying to navigate those choppy waters is that we have to ‘go through’ the storm and rain in order to get to that bright rainbow – the promise.

God’s blessings to you on this day! Have a great Friday and a blessed day!

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