Muir’s Musings – May 27, 2015

‘Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.’

I read this quote and I thought about a comment made by a minister years ago. He said most people he counsels that are going through a tough time want to continually look back and dwell in the past – rehashing all the bad things that happened. He said he always encouraged them to remember how they feel today but to look ahead exactly one year and then strive to be better, healthier, stronger, etc. 365 days later. His comments really made sense to me. And just like today’s quote says, we all have a blank 365-page book in front of us and today is the first chapter. The key thing is that you are the author of that book and you can write the story anyway you choose. And remember, don’t look back … you’re not going that direction!

God’s blessings to you on this day! Have a wonderful Wednesday and a blessed day!

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