Steve’s Cardinal Ramblings: Gincarlo Stanton…..don’t hold your breath

By Steve Dunford 

I have been asked this question several times over the last few days. Will the Cardinals acquire Gincarlo Stanton?  I will not believe it until the Cardinals call a press conference, and he has the a jersey with the birds on the bat slipped on over a suit and tie.

I have had a lot of conversations about this over the last week.  It seems like the Millennials or giddy about the possibility.  Most the old coots like me are pessimistic.

Here is what I see.  John Mozeliak (and he still calls the shots)  will go into the GM meetings and Winter Meetings, without his bow tie and be all relaxed acting.   Mo will then address the St. Louis media with a Christmas bow tie on after the winter meetings.  He will use a lot of words, asking questions, then answering his own questions.  He will explain supply and demand like an ECON 101 teacher.  All his words will be summed up into four words.  I didn’t do anything.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today says Stanton will end up in either San Francisco or St Louis.   Peter Gammons says the Cardinals and the Giants will be the most aggressive, but will he want to go there.  Buster Olney was pretty bearish

Last Friday night, there was a buzz on social media.  There was a website that proposed a trade.  It got to the points the Cardinals had a trade on the table.

What this guy proposed, I would take in the heart beat.  It had Stanton and Brad Zeigler coming to the Cardinals, in exchange for Alex Reyes, Randall Grichuk, Aledmys Diaz, and Sandy Alcantara.  If this had legs, I would no it in a minute.

In my view, there are very few untouchables on the Cardinal roster:  Yadier Molina, Paul DeJong, Tommy Pham, and Carlos Martinez.  If the deal is right to bring a bat to help, Stanton or not, I would trade anyone but these four.

If Stanton is not in a Cardinal uniform, a good consolation prize from the Marlins would be either Christian Yelich or Marcell Ozuna.

Prove me wrong Mo!!!!!!




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