WSIL Unsung Hero: Mary Moreland

MARION, IL  – (Ashley Smith, WSIL-TV.  Please click on the link for the full story and video above.  Below are some of my personal comments – Steve)

WSIL photo

For seven years, I worked for John and Mary Moreland.  School was top priority.  McDonalds was secondary for all of us high school and college kids.   I took a couple leaves of absences to work for the State of Illinois.

They were outstanding to work for.  My tuition at Rend Lake was paid for.  They had a scholarship program for academic achievement and for job performance.

Back then, they had a three stores, Benton, West Frankfort, and Herrin.  I did tally marks so this might be off a couple, but they own what I believe 15 now.

Moreland-Bishop Enterprise us based in West Frankfort.   They have given so much back to the communities they serve, especially west Frankfort.

I had around a half hour conversation with John here other day with a story that I was working on.  Over the years the Moreland’s have not changed one bit.

Congratulations Mary on a well deserved award.

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