Racers overwhelm Salukis 80-52

CARBONDALE, Ill. – The Southern Illinois men’s basketball team’s five-game winning streak came to an abrupt end with a 80-52 loss to Murray State on Wednesday night at SIU Arena. The Racers overwhelmed SIU from the tip and had a 49-18 lead at halftime.
“It was probably the most complete first half I’ve ever been a part of in any form in my time in basketball,” Murray State head coach Matt McMahon said. “I thought our guys were really dialed in. We gave up that first 3 to start the game. Ja (Morant) hit back-to-back big 3’s to get us going, and I thought our effort and toughness were really good.”

Murray State’s Ja Morant, a projected lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, lived up to the hype. In the first half alone, had had 15 points (on 5-6 shooting), nine assists against only one turnover, and three steals. The Racers were 8-of-13 from the 3-point line in the opening frame, led by Tevin Brown (5-for-7).

“I take full responsibility for the preparation of our guys tonight,” SIU head coach Barry Hinson said. “As coaches, we try to find a way to get our guys to compete and get ready for big games. I made a big mistake tonight. I put so much emphasis on Morant and how good we thought he was, and I scared our players. Our guys played scared tonight. It was Military Appreciation Night, and it’s a good quote from Patton: ‘Fear paralyzes all of us.’ We were paralyzed in the first half. Murray had a lot to do with that, but the head coach of the Salukis had more to do with it than Murray.”

Murray (6-1) ended the first half making 11 of its last 12 field goal attempts, while SIU missed 15 of its final 16 shots of the half. The Salukis shot 19.2 percent, the fifth-lowest shooting percentage in a half in school history.

Eric McGill had a big second half for SIU (7-4), scoring 15 of his 19 points after the break. McGill became the first Saluki this season with a double-double, adding 10 rebounds to his 19 points. The closest SIU got in the second half was 21 points, but Murray State responded with a 10-0 run to put any thought of a dramatic comeback out of the question. 

Aaron Cook (14 points) and Sean Lloyd Jr. (11 points) joined McGill in double-figures for SIU. Morant (23 points, 13 assists) and Tevin Brown (20 points, 6-of-11 from the 3-point line) led Murray State. 

The Salukis have a quick turnaround, traveling to No. 14 Buffalo on Saturday. Tip-off against the Bulls, who are undefeated at 9-0, is set for 1 p.m. CT in a game that will be streamed on ESPN+.

ObamaCare continues to fail – Let’s face it, insurance costs are unmanageable for many middle-class Americans

Open enrollment in the 39 states that use the federal HealthCare.gov insurance exchange looks like it will end with a whimper this Saturday. Through the first month, sign-ups are down 11 percent compared to the same period last year.

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Rep. Bryant introduces house resolution denouncing ‘disgusting’ Satanic statue at Capitol

State Rep. Terri Bryant has introduced a resolution in the Illinois House condemning the decision by the Illinois Secretary of State to allow The Satanic Temple-Chicago to place a statue in the Statehouse rotunda along with displays that celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

Here’s a link to the story at the Southern Illinoisan.

Op-Ed: Two wrongs don’t make a right in ‘Fight for $15’ debate

The “Fight for $15” an hour is back in Illinois, although it’s not likely to be much of a fight and this time there’s a bit of a twist.

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Cannabis industry expert: 2018 big, 2019 could bigger for marijuana

s big as 2018 has been for marijuana, one industry expert said 2019 is likely to be even bigger.

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Lame duck Chicago mayor comes out swinging against Illinois pension benefits

The state’s pension system is unsustainable and lawmakers in Springfield need to amend the state’s constitution to cut out a clause that protects pensions, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday.

Here’s a link to the story at Illinois News Network.


INA, Ill. – Rend Lake College is pleased to announce another 10 years of accreditation after the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) found that RLC met all five Criteria for Accreditation and their various subcomponents. The college’s next reaffirmation will be in 2028-2029.

“This is great news for the institution to receive its full 10-year Reaffirmation of Accreditation, and is a testament to everyone’s dedication to the College and its mission,” Rend Lake College President Terry Wilkerson said after the decision was handed down.

The ten-year accreditation is the longest accreditation awarded by HLC, an independent agency that monitors the quality of degree-granting institutions over a 19 state area. The organization ensures the quality of a college’s programs via an intensive peer-review process and then determines if an institution maintains accreditation, a vital benchmark to ensuring a college offers respected, transferable degree programs. Accreditation also is necessary in order for the college to be able to distribute certain types of federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants. Additionally, those in the community should see the 10-year accreditation as affirmation that their tax dollars are being used responsibly.

“Preparation for our visit and writing the assurance argument has been an ongoing initiative for the past couple of years. Our RLC team has worked diligently and cohesively to strengthen the institution and improve student learning with the concentration on our students’ success. Even though this portion of the process is behind us, our efforts remain focused on continuous improvement initiatives,” said Lori Ragland, RLC Vice President of Instruction and Accreditation Liaison Officer.

“It was clear to the team that all Rend Lake College stakeholders work tirelessly in support of the organization’s mission and values in times of economic uncertainty,” the team wrote in the conclusion of their final report. “The college is committed to keep tuition low, maintaining faculty and staff positions, while continuing to deliver quality services to its students. The team heard countless testimonials from students, alumni, community partners, Foundation Board members, and the Board of Trustees regarding the impact that college administration, faculty, and staff contribute to enhance student success and improve the communities it serves. The college administration, faculty, and staff are to be commended for their commitment to serving their students’ and stakeholders’ needs.”

The reaffirmation process included several various components as part of HLC’s Open Pathway for accreditation. An extensive, evidence-based narrative, called an Assurance Argument, was written and submitted to HLC. This argument outlines the evidence of how the college meets each of the Five Criteria and the subcomponents. This was followed in November by a visit from a peer review team, which met with various campus groups and individuals over the course of two days. Prior to these, a federal compliance filing was required, which demonstrates the college’s satisfaction of various federal guidelines. A Quality Initiative also is a requirement of the Open Pathway process. This was RLC’s First-Year Experience program, which was implemented and supported with a written report to HLC.

Several staff and faculty members worked for the past three years to prepare and submit all the varied reports and requirements for the process.

The final report from the HLC is available at www.rlc.edu/hlc. For more information on the Five Criteria and the Open Pathway, visit www.hlcommission.org.


SIJHSAA tournaments return to RLC
The board approved a 10-year contract between the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association (SIJHSAA) and Rend Lake College District #521 to continue to hold the girls and boys state basketball tournaments in Rend Lake College’s James Waugh Gymnasium.

Atchison joins as administrative assistant
The board approved the appointment of Taylor Atchison as Administrative Assistant for the Applies Science and Technology Division on a full-time basis. Atchison is a graduate of Rend Lake College with professional experience as an administrative assistant or titles, having fulfilled the role in different industry environments.  

Kathalynas named clinical coordinator
The board approved the appointment of Rachael Kathalynas as Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator on a full-time basis, effective Jan. 1, 2019. Kathalynas holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern University Carbondale and as Associate of Applied Science from Rend Lake College. She had been teaching part-time at RLC and has the professional experience in her field and necessary skills to be successful in the position.

Patrick transfers to Computer Tech
The board ratified the transfer of David Patrick from Health Studies Student Success Center (HSSSC)/Information Technology Help Desk Support Technician to Computer Technician on a full-time basis, effective Dec. 17, 2018. The move was planned in anticipation of the end of the Title III grant, which partially funded the HSSSC position, as well as the resignations of existing Computer Technicians. Patrick has the knowledge, education and experience to be successful in the position.

Marlow appointed to CTE Student Success Coordinator
The board appointed Joseph Marlow as Career Technical Education (CTE) Student Success Coordinator on a full-time basis for the remainder of the fiscal year, effective Dec. 17. Marlow has worked at Rend Lake College since 2016 as a part-time biology instructor and math and science tutor. He possesses all the relevant education and work experience to perform the duties of the position. Marlow holds Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degrees for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville as well as Associate degrees in both Arts and Science from Rend Lake College.

Course/Curriculum changes
The board approved the addition of a new course, title changes to existing courses, changes to existing courses, withdrawal of exiting courses, changes to existing curriculum and authorized their submission to the Illinois Community College Board for action.

Addition of New Course
            CNA 1604 Nursing Aide Skills – Effective 5/1/2019
Title Changes to Existing Courses
            CSCI 1260 Intro to .NET Platform Programming
            CSCI 1261 Mastering .NET Platform Fundamentals
            SCSI 1262 Advanced .NET Platform Development
            Effective 6/1/2019
Changes to Existing Courses
            ALH 1204 Introduction to Venipuncture – Effective 5/1/2019
            AGRI 1161 Soil Science – Effective 6/1/2019
            AGRI 1181 Introduction to Animal Sciences – Effective 6/1/2019
            AGRI 1263 Crop Sciences – Effective 6/1/2019
Withdrawal of Existing Courses
            MLT 1200 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory
            MLT 1201 Serology
            MLT 1202 Clinical Microscopy
            MLT 1210 Clinical Rotation I
            MLT 1211 MLT Phlebotomy
           MLT 2202 Immunohematology
            MLT 2205 Clinical Chemistry
            MLT 2210 Clinical Rotation II
            MLT 2228 Hematology and Mermostasis
            MLT 2229 Clinical Microbiology
            Effective Date 1/1/2019
Changes to Existing Curriculum
            CSCI 119 Programming with .NET Platform – effective 6/1/2019
            ECE 590 Early Childhood Certificate – Level 2
            ECE 595 Early Childhood Certificate – Level 3
                        Effective 1/1/2019

Capital Development Board Project
The board granted permission to enter into a trust agreement with Peoples National bank and to establish a trust account for Capital Development Board Project No. 810-078-025 as part of the Emergency/Deferred Maintenance Capital Projects recently approved by the State of Illinois and too be administered by the Capital Development Board as required.

In other business, the board …

·         Approved the schedule of meetings of the Rend Lake College board of Trustees for the 2019 calendar year.

·         Approved the 2019-2020 Rend Lake College Catalog.

·         Accepted the resignation of Mr. Andrew Burk, computer technician

·         Approved the creation of a graphic designer position and granted permission to advertise the position.

·         Ratified the payment of college expenses, including travel expense reimbursements, as presented.

Mark your calendars …

·         RLC Faculty / Staff Holiday Luncheon, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14, Waugh Gymnasium.

·         Holiday Break (offices closed) – Dec. 24, 2018 – Jan. 1, 2019.

·         First day of spring classes – Jan. 14

To Do What’s Most Important, First Clarify What’s Most Important

by Rick Warren1

“We can choose the sounds we want to listen to; we can choose the taste we want in food, and we should choose to follow what is right. But first of all we must define among ourselves what is good” (Job 34:3-4 TLB). Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done—and still sleep?

To make the most of your time, you must clarify what’s most important.

Stop saying, “I can’t get it all done,” and start realizing that it’s not all worth doing. You can’t get it all done because God doesn’t expect you to get it all done.

In clarifying what’s important, you’ve got to know what matters most and what doesn’t matter at all. You’ve got to know what counts and what doesn’t count. You’ve got to know what’s going to last and what’s not going to last. Most of the ways you spend your time won’t have any impact in a year—much less in 10 years or in 50 years or for eternity. So you’ve got to know what you value most. And you have to clarify what is and isn’t important.

The greatest gift that God has given you is salvation by Jesus Christ. He came and died on the cross so your sins could be forgiven. You need to accept that gift. The second greatest gift you were given in life is the freedom to choose.

Job 34:3-4 says, “We can choose the sounds we want to listen to; we can choose the taste we want in food, and we should choose to follow what is right. But first of all we must define among ourselves what is good” (TLB). It’s amazing to me that most people have never done this. They go through their entire lives having never taken the time to define what matters most to them—to literally sit down and write out their values. They’ve never said, “This is what is good, and this is what is bad. This is what I want out of life, and this is what I don’t want.”

Why write it down? The evangelist Dawson Trotman often said, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the fingertips.” In other words, when you can write it and you can say it, it becomes clearer. If you’ve never written down what’s important to you, it’s still fuzzy in your mind. You must define what is good. You must clarify what matters most.

When you haven’t clarified what you want out of life, you’re indecisive all the time, because you can’t do what’s good until you decide what’s good. You can’t do what’s important until you decide what’s important. You can’t practice what you want to do in life until you clarify what you want to do in life.PLAY today’s audio teaching from Pastor RickTalk It Over

  • What things take up a large amount of your time even though they aren’t as important as something else that you just can’t seem to find the time to do?
  • How do you decide if something has value in light of eternity?
  • What is most important to you? Take some time today to sit down and write out your values and the things that matter most to you.

Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.

IHSA football could undergo big changes if Proposal 23 passes

It’s known as Proposal 23 by the Illinois High School Association’s Legislative Committee.

Here’s a link to the story at the Southern Illinoisan.