Martin Truex car hauler at Benton/West City Walmart

By Steve Dunford

NASCAR champ Martin Truex, Jr’s. crew at Benton/West City Walmart this morning

My son sent me the picture above that he took with his phone this morning at Walmart.  Pictures like this I appreciate.  There have been several of you that have been my eyes during events throughout the county.

About a year ago, the Antique Archeology van was spotted at Subway in the Rend lake Plaza.  Some of the biggest responses of posts on the website was sharing that Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz form American Pickers will be in the area.

Feel free to send me pictures like this.  They are not for the purpose of having clickbait.

I know there is a lot of negativity about all the wrecks on 57.   However, the interstate intertwined with Rend Lake are two very valuable resources we have that pass through  Franklin County.

As a teenager, I had the privilege of serving Steve Perry of Journey and the late Dale Earnhardt a Big Mac.  Benton/West City McDonalds was also a regular stop for REO Speedwagon.  The Oak Ridge Boys came in a couple of times as well.

I hope these few words gave you a nice start to a great Wednesday morning.  It is going to be seasonal, with a high around 50 degrees today.  What appears as a gap at the top, is beautiful clear skies along the horizon.




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